Only through collaboration will we accomplish our shared goals

Only through collaboration will we accomplish our shared goals

As a global company, VFS strives to connect employees on a professional and personal basis. Through a series of interview articles, colleagues around the world are able to share their thoughts, experiences, and ideas for improvement. Here, Tony Mastache, Credit Analyst with VFS Mexico, talks about her job, the VFS values that are most important to her, and her experiences working with VFS and the Volvo Group.

How would you describe your job?
I work in the Credit department within VFS Mexico. My primary duties as a Credit Analyst are to perform new business credit analyses and determine the potential customer's level of risk. I forge strong relationships with our customers and familiarize myself with their business activities. Each case is different, which makes my job exciting and interesting.

What VFS values ​​mean the most to you?
The most significant VFS values ​​for me are ‘Team Oriented’ and ‘Continuous Improvement’. It is critical that we operate as a team, distribute work fairly and all do our part. Only through collaboration will we accomplish our shared goals. Being team oriented also promotes companionship and fosters a good work environment. Each member of the team is important to achieving our results and the overall success of VFS Mexico.

Continuous improvement is something I try to incorporate into my daily work. In September 2016, we began a project at VFS Mexico to review our current processes and identify enhancements in order to improve our customer service levels. For example, we implemented a new process to expedite smaller deals of up to $350,000 and have reduced turnaround time to about three hours. This is a major improvement, as our standard turnaround time for these smaller deals in the past was around 48 hours. Many of the new processes we developed under this continuous improvement initiative have now been implemented. We’re seeing clear results, with better response times to our internal and external customers. The dealers and our product company colleagues are pleased with our progress, and we feel our new ways of working lend greater support to our sister companies in increasing market share in Mexico.

What has been your experience working with the Volvo Group?
I joined the Volvo Group four years ago, and found a global, multicultural company with a different way of working compared to other companies in which I have worked. The Volvo Group promotes collaboration among colleagues and with our customers. At VFS, I have always been in the credit area, and very close to our customers’ businesses, our products and the overall financial environment in Mexico. I often visit customers to gain a deeper understanding of their needs. I have also visited the Volvo Buses manufacturing plant in Tultitlán, Mexico several times, and now understand the bus manufacturing process from start to finish. I highly recommend that all employees – especially those who are commercially-focused – visit a plant at some point in their career to gain an understanding of this fascinating process.

What is something about you that others may not know?
I like to share my knowledge and, in turn, I make every effort to learn from my colleagues. I pride myself on being a good listener, which I feel is critical to continuous improvement, both personally and professionally. Another thing people may not know is that I like to read all of the Volvo Group publications. They broaden my understanding of what the Group is doing to improve overall efficiency and our products. They also provide insight on how the other markets and regions operate. I’ve learned a lot of best practices through these publications.

What three words describe you?
Adaptive, collaborative and hardworking.

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