Financial and Mobility Solutions

Tailored Finance Plans for Volvo Group customers

Imagine all your business needs handled in one invoice. Our finance specialists look at all the options available. Maybe you need to reduce monthly payments. We can help. Or perhaps you want more financial control offered by accelerated payments and fixed and floating interest rates. We even offer step payments if you want to build equity faster. We’ll also look at straight, balloon and seasonal amortizations that are tailored to your business cycle. Because you don’t just need financial services, you need solutions that fit the way you’re working now. 

Insurance to cover your business risk

What’s the price of peace of mind? When you own a business, you have to mitigate risk on all fronts. With insurance, whether a single machine operation or an entire fleet, new or used, you’re covered. Our specialists work with you to determine the coverage you need for first-class protection. And a good night’s sleep. We offer a range of products that can be adapted to local conditions, which can vary greatly depending on your locations. And if you do need to make a claim, we’re one human phone call away with full support. Should an accident happen, we have the expertise to help you get any damages repaired and minimize any losses. 

Innovation to move your business forward

How can you move ahead if your technologies are lagging? You can’t. Innovation is at the core of what we do at Volvo Financial Services. We work to bring game-changing solutions to life. We ask ourselves how we can use AI, blockchain, and mobile connectivity to reshape our offerings and make those offerings more efficient, effective, flexible and convenient for you. Our advanced innovation lab looks decades into the future to give us roadmaps of the technologies that might be in their infancy today, but could make a big difference in the future. It’s that foresight that will lead the way in the financial services industry. 


Find local financing & solutions

Thank you Mack Financial Services for your professionalism and assistance during the pandemic. You stepped up to the plate with payment relief, without us even asking. You were our first vendor to offer this -  a wonderful gesture.
VFS has shown fantastic empathy, understanding and creativity to resolve some very difficult issues we were having in serving our Volvo Truck buyers. This added significant value to the Volvo brand during these difficult times. Well done.