Going the distance with VFS

Experienced marathon runner Antonella Rivoltella, Legal & Collection Manager at Volvo Financial Services in Italy, is proving that she’s got what it takes to go the distance in all aspects of her life.
Antonella Rivoltella is woman of VFS
Antonella Rivoltella is woman of VFS

Antonella Rivoltella, Legal & Collection Manager, has worked at Volvo Financial Services (VFS) in Italy for 16 years. Starting out as a Collection Specialist, where she was responsible for working with customers on overdue accounts and negotiating payment arrangements. She later became the Legal & Collection Manager in 2009. “I love my job because every day is different,” says Antonella. “No two customers or situations are the same, and it’s my responsibility to come up with solutions to problems. Customer service is very important.  I regularly meet customers, dealers and the different Volvo business areas. I could be dealing with a Volvo Construction Equipment machine, truck or bus. This means that I’m always learning new things and meeting new people, it’s a very dynamic role.”

Another way Antonella has continued her development at VFS is by taking advantage of opportunities, such as Micro-Assignments. Last year, she spent a few weeks in Greensboro, in the US, at the company’s headquarters. Her assignment was with the Legal & Compliance team, working on data privacy and security. “Micro-assignments are a great way to increase your knowledge and experience different roles in different parts of the organization,” explains Antonella. “It was a great opportunity and I hope to do something similar in the future.”

Antonella with her husband and two children

The importance of work-life balance

As well as having a busy job that sees her visiting customers all over Italy, Antonella also has a busy home life. She and her husband have an eight-year-old son and five-year-old daughter – but she still manages to find the time to go running or to the gym every day. “I am a passionate runner,” smiles Antonella. “I usually run three or four mornings a week, and I like to go swimming and train in the gym. I need to have that hour every day to relax, get rid of stress and maintain a good work-life balance. VFS encourages you to look after yourself and make sure you have that balance. It’s a very supportive company with a great culture.”

In December, Antonella completed her fifth marathon, the Valencia Marathon in Spain. She has also taken part in marathons in Venice, Genova and Rimini in Italy, as well as New York. “We have started combining marathons with holidays, so my husband and children can be there to support me, and we can all spend time together,” says Antonella. “We spent a week in Valencia earlier this month and last year we had a vacation in New York.”

With such energy and a thirst for life, Antonella’s focus and commitment proves that she has what it takes to go the distance. 

“I’m proud to be a woman of VFS.”

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