TFT teammates

TFT teammates have a strong sense of purpose and bond with each other

VFS launched its first-ever Talent for Tomorrow (TFT) program in August 2017, with five VFS colleagues. Each colleague, in various points of their careers and in different locations around the globe, has completed a comprehensive recruitment process with a cross-functional interview team.  

Program kick-off meeting
In August 2017, the team traveled to VFS Global headquarters in Greensboro to meet each other and other VFS colleagues, and plan for the program’s two-year period. Team activities included reviewing and identifying global competencies, analyzing the team’s personality profiles, developing program and professional goals, assigning mentors, discussing upcoming team projects, and team-building, both within the TFT team and with other colleagues. This meeting established the foundation for how the program will operate over the next two years and the relationships and values required for operating as a single team with globally dispersed members.

Experiencing the local culture
While in Greensboro, the TFT team enjoyed some local culture, including a Grasshoppers baseball game and a visit to the Greensboro Historical Museum, and experienced the “Great American Eclipse” (Special viewing glasses are required; pictured below). They also took time to serve the local community by spending a day volunteering for Habitat for Humanity.

Experiencing the local culture

(Left to right): Thais, Rish, Kevin, Richard, Brenden, Stacey Youngdale - TFT Program Manager

“Though we spent a relatively short amount of time together, each of us left the week with a strong sense of purpose and a strong bond to fellow teammates.” says Kevin Hendriks, TFT team member.

Beginning second job rotations
TFT members have completed their first rotation and are starting their second:

  • Rish Agrawal finished implementation of the Finance system in South Africa and soon will join VFS Americas team and work on projects for VFS Chile and Peru, and the VFS USA Credit function
  • Richard Berkander finished a rotation within VFS USA Credit and will now move to a rotation in Finance
  • Kevin Hendriks completed a rotation in Digital Solutions & IT, and has joined the FP&A team in Canada
  • Brenden Priest finished a rotation in the USA (including VFS USA Credit and Global FP&A) and is now working with the Credit team in Australia and Region APAC
  • Thais Schmelzer completed her first rotation within FP&A and joined the Credit team in Brazil

“I am grateful to the many VFS colleagues around the world who have extended support to each TFT team member. Even more so, I am proud to work for a company where we are able to extend such a program to our employees,” says Stacey Youngdale, VP Global Talent Management and Program Manager of Talent for Tomorrow.

The current TFT program will run through Q3 2019. Plans for the next program are being developed and announced in late 2018.