Short term assignment yields great outcomes in Warsaw

Through a Short Term Assignment program (STA), employees have the chance to work for a VFS office in another country for up to 6 months. Recently, VFS Central East Europe and VFS East Europe credit teams agreed and executed on a Short Term Assignment. It turned out to be a great success for all parties.

“The start of 2016 and the updated forecasts indicated that VFS Central East Europe (CEE) would have record volumes in new business already in the spring,” says Magdalena Majewska, Credit Manager VFS CEE. “With the significant increase in volumes for the credit team, we realized that additional temporary resources would support us delivering customer value and exceeding customer expectations. Together with VFS East Europe Credit Team, we found the perfect solution.”
Dmitriy Kolomiets, Senior Credit Analyst
, normally working in Moscow, joined VFS CEE in Warsaw, Poland for three months, from March through May 2016. During this period, he worked in Credit Team CEE North and focused mainly the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia), and also supported CEE South Team with deals from Czech and Slovakia.

Dual effect
The solution brought very positive effects for both sides. "Thanks to Dmitry’s support we were able to maintain the speed of execution and quality in the credit processes," explains Magdalena. “He already had relevant competence and experience so he could quickly become a full member of the team. He could also add a new perspective on our processes and support our efforts working with continued improvements.”

“The major challenge for me was to catch features and particularities of each individual market, because SC CEE consists of a lot of markets and every country has its own products, legal and taxation issues,” says Dimitry. He describes this as one of the most interesting parts of his Short Term Assignment, allowing him to gain new knowledge and experience in areas such as:

  • Credit products proposed by VFS in Baltics and Czech and Slovakia
  • Current market conditions
  • Credit underwriting process
  • Modification process in VFS CEE
  • VFS CEE portfolio analysis and structure

Dmitry continues, “I have to say that the VFS CEE Credit team is very capable and professional, they welcomed me very heartily and freely shared their knowledge and expertise about our day-to-day routine. All new colleagues were very friendly and sociable; they made me feel like I was at home. It was also very exciting to work in such a multi-cultural environment. Every day I communicated with colleagues from many different countries, which was also a very useful experience. I think a Short Term Assignment like this is a good practice, both in terms of professional development and employee engagement.”