An Possenti

"My short-term assignments broadened my perspective and my value as an employee"

For Wholesale Coordinator Anarues Possenti, a short-term assignment (STA) with VFS Canada meant more than learning new professional skills and adhering to a new corporate culture. Ana worked in the Aurora, Ontario office from August of 2016 to February of 2017, during the coldest winter months. Being from Brazil, prior to this she had never seen, driven in, or dressed for snow.

Ana Possenti

“This experience truly taught me that it is never too late to learn and try new things,” laughs Ana. Ana is one of several VFS employees across the globe who have completed an STA in the past year. For a period of between one to six months, employees are assigned to a specific function in a VFS market outside of their own to learn new business perspectives, broaden their network, and share best practices across countries and functions. The number of employees who have taken advantage of this opportunity has grown by nearly 50 percent in just the last 12 months.

Ana Possenti

Ana’s new experiences didn’t stop at learning how to navigate in the snow. During her STA with the VFS Canada Wholesale team, she worked very closely with the Wholesale Finance System (WFS), a core system used by VFS and dealers in the USA, Canada and Mexico to schedule payments and check credit lines, funding and stock. Ana was able to compare and share best practices among Wholesale Operations in Canada, the USA and Brazil, and is assisting with the implementation of WFS in VFS Brazil. “This alignment between markets is a real win for me and for VFS as a whole,” Ana says. “I was able to see the best practices that could be applied to our business in Brazil, and the processes that could be aligned to avoid gaps in the future. And as WFS is a newer platform that is being adopted by an increasing number of markets, having familiarity with it is incredibly valuable.”

Ana’s STA in VFS Canada is one of several she has completed in the last 24 months. She joined VFS Brazil in 2012, and after two years, expressed interest in working abroad to her manager during a PBP discussion. Following this conversation, Ana headed to VFS in Mexico City in 2015 for a 45-day STA in the Wholesale department. She then worked in VFS USA in Greensboro, North Carolina from January to June of 2016 in the Wholesale and Credit departments.

Ana Possenti

One of Ana’s favorite aspects of her STAs is the network they have helped her build. “In each market, I have been welcomed with open arms, and everyone made me feel like part of the team,” she says. “People were interested in knowing me and they became more than just colleagues. I actually made friends for life.”

After the completion of her series of STAs, Ana has now returned to the Wholesale department in VFS Brazil, and hopes she can better help her team grow the WFS platform. “My STAs broadened not only my work network, but my perspective and my value as an employee,” says Ana. “They opened a channel of knowledge across markets. This was a priceless experience, one that has helped me grow personally and professionally.”