Own the truck through regular payments with Volvo's Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase is a smart choice if you want to own a truck through regular repayments without investing all of you capital at once. The truck will appear as an asset on your balance sheet and once you make that final payment, the truck is yours.

Hire Purchase offers three options:

Hire Purchase Fixed Rate

This allows you to purchase a truck with regular payments that remain constant throughout the contract term. Hire purchase fixed rate is ideal if you need to stick to an exact budget when interest rates vary - you'll always know how much you need to pay.  Your payments can be timed to fit with the cash flow of your business, and after the final installment, provided you meet the terms and conditions of your agreement, the truck becomes yours.

Hire Purchase Variable Rate
This allows you to make regular payments that alter with interest rates, so you could save money. Hire purchase variable rate is a smart choice if you think interest rates will fall.

Hire Purchase With Balloon

This is a safe, low-risk option as you make lower monthly payments on a truck plus a final balloon payment. Hire purchase with balloon is flexible too.  At the end of the agreement, provided you've met the terms and conditions of your agreement, you can either make a final lump sum (balloon) payment and keep the truck or re-finance the balloon and continue making your payments.