Products and Services

Today our customers are operating in markets characterised by rapid changes. Decisions about investments have to be made quickly and efficiently. And so our customers are constantly seeking solutions and services that encompasses everything related to their products, in order to lower their total cost of ownership while improving their bottom line.

To unearth your competitive advantage, we are committed to giving you the excellent service experience in our one-stop shopping experience, where you can find integrated packages of product, finance, insurance and maintenance. The wide range of financing and leasing options can be tailored to your business needs, giving you the peace of mind while you run your business:

  • Loan and lease solutions – Choose to own or operate your equipment/vehicle and maximize your investment by tailoring finance to meet your business and seasonal cycle needs

  • Insurance packages – Get finance for the coverage that you need to protect your business at all times

  • Bundled packages – Lower your total cost of ownership when you get an integrated solution consisting of asset finance, insurance and maintenance for your vehicle or equipment

Contact our VFS salesperson (Lapmahakij Pheeraphong) at +662 021 9500.