Key objectives


"To be the best captive finance organization in the industry"

To accomplish this mission, VFS has three objectives:

  • Be the provider of choice, and a primary driver of customer decisions to buy Volvo Group products and services

  • Be the employer of choice, in which existing and prospective employees view us as the most attractive employer in the industry

  • Enhance shareholder value by driving sales, protecting Volvo Group assets, and managing risk while generating strong returns 


"To be the world leader in sustainable transport solutions."

The Volvo Group’s vision serves as a “guiding light” for everything VFS does. It thrives during the highs and lows in business cycles and encompasses our short- and long-term priorities.

VFS is essential to achieving the Volvo Group’s vision because as the Group’s finance company, we finance our customers’ activities and offer other business services, such as insurance, with expertise and knowledge that helps them be successful. This drives Volvo Group market share and customer loyalty.