Insurance solutions from VFS partners


Our partners provide for both financed and stand-alone equipment a comprehensive range of insurance products:




• Extended TPL

• Insurance for construction equipment


• Vehicle’s operator life injury disability insurance

• Cargo insurance


• ‘green card’ insurances

• Any other products are also available upon request


We provide a claims handling process.


Only VFS customers have unique range of CASCO products available.


The product ‘Full Casco’ in addition to all standard Casco risks there is Spontaneous ignition covered by default, anti-theft satellite systems are not required to install, direct billing option is guaranteed with authorized workshops, the sum insured will not be reduced after insurance payment, guaranteed the option of the waiver of the ownership of totally damaged vehicles.


Unconditional deductibles can be applied as follows: EUR  0, 500, 1,000 .



The product ‘Full Casco lite’ covers all risks of the product ‘Full Casco’ with reduced coverage.

 Excepted options - towing, customers not excused from obtaining traffic police confirmation for small damages, spontaneous ignition excluded, surveyor assistance are not provided*.


Unconditional deductibles can be applied as follows:  EUR  0,  500 .




Product ‘Total loss’ covers all risks of the product ‘Full Casco’ can only be applied in the case of "total loss / theft.".  Total loss means complete or partial damage to the object of insurance, so that cost of restoring the vehicle to its condition before the accident would be uneconomic, and would amount to 75% of the sum insured.


Unconditional deductible is not applied.



Claims handling service with help and support is available for customers who are arranging CASCO via VFS partners. You need to contact us by phone or email. Provide us with the necessary supporting documents and our colleagues will take the coordination and will manage the claim until the insurance compensation is paid.


‘Marsh insurance brokers’ ( are our global insurance partners.


Please learn from attached brochures the detailed information on actions to undertake in case of insurance event.


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Anastasiya Fedorova


VFS Insurance Sales Manager

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