Annual Press Conference

by VFS

Annual Press Conference with Russian Mass Media held in Moscow, February 25, 2009. The event gathered more then 70 journalists from popular transport editions. The main idea of the conference was given to acquaint the journalists with the results of 2008. Managing directors from all Volvo Business Areas in Russia: VTC, VCE, VBC and Volvo Penta as well as Volvo Financial Services Vostok made their presentations.

2008 was the year of VFS Vostok 5th Anniversary. Our Company marked the year by record financial performance. Consolidated financial portfolio was over 560 Meuro.
The share between BAs remains the same as the previous year. Still the leading position had Volvo Truck – 87,5%. The share of VolvoCE is 12,5%.
In 2008 VFS Vostok opened 4 more offices with their representatives on the territory of Russia: in Petrozavodsk, Kazan, Rostov-on-Don and Novosibirsk.
There are no doubts that 2009 will not be easy going. However VFS Vostok is sure in development of their business. The time of economic difficulties gives fortune to those who are looking for the effective terms to overcome them. Volvo Financial Services has the products that our customers want, strong brand, and skilled employees. So our future growth and development rely upon all those components. It will allow us to find the decisions advantageous to our customers, BAs and to all Volvo Company.

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