Frequently asked questions

Q. Will I receive a monthly invoice?

A. To provide ease and convenience of doing business with us, we offer several billing options; Electronic billing, coupon book and monthly invoices.  If you elect to receive a monthly invoice, your invoice will be mailed to your billing address approximately two weeks before your next payment due date.
To help ensure prompt and accurate credit to your account, please include your account number on your check, use the enclosed return envelope and always include your remittance stub with your payment.

Q. Can I obtain a copy of my invoice on-line?

A. Yes.  We offer a service which allows you to view your invoices electronically.  You may enroll by visiting our website at and select the 'Payment Options' tab.  After you've completed the enrollment, your invoices will be available for viewing within 8-10 days of your next payment due date.

Q. Why did I receive a 12 month coupon book when I have a 60 month contract?

A. Twelve month coupon books are sent to ensure you receive an envelope for each coupon.  Your new coupon book, with 12 more return envelopes, is sent within 45 days of your last coupon.

Q. Where should I send my monthly payment if I have not received or if I misplaced my monthly invoice?

A. We offer several options to make your payment including regular mail, overnight check or money order.

Regular Mail:
Volvo Financial Services or Mack Financial Services
PO Box 7247-0236
Philadelphia, PA 19170-0236

Volvo Financial Services or Mack Financial Services
Lock Box 0236
c/o Citibank Lockbox Operations
1615 Brett Road
New Castle, DE 19720-2425

Bank to Bank Wire:
Volvo Financial Services
Citibank New York, New York
153 East 53rd Street
New York, NY 10043
ABA# 021000089
Acct# 30484077

Electronic payment options are available 24/7.  Options include:

§ Visit our website:
§ Upon registration or log-in, select the 'make a payment' tab.

Payment by Phone:
§ Call toll-free to 1-877-865-8623 and follow the prompts.  Please be sure to have your contract number available.

Direct Debit (ACH):
You may elect to have your monthly payment automatically deducted from your checking account. Please visit our website at for an enrollment form.

Your payment is due on the due date, even if you do not receive a monthly invoice.  In order to avoid late payment fees, please arrange to make your payment, using one of the options above, on or before the due date as listed on your contract(s).

Q. Where may I send written inquiries or correspondence?

A. Please write us with any comments or inquiries at:
Volvo Financial Services
Customer Service
PO Box 26131
Greensboro, NC 27402-6131
(Please do not send payments to this address or it will result in payment processing delays.)
Please do not send any correspondence with your monthly payment as it may delay our response to your inquiry.

Q. Where do I send a copy of the my insurance policy and renewal documents?

A. All insurance policy information evidence on financed equipment should be sent to:
Insurance Service Center
PO Box 5751
Cincinnati, OH 45201

Q. Will you send interest paid information at the end of each year?

A. We will send year end letters to all customer's with loan accounts only.  We do not provide interest paid information on lease accounts.  You may also obtain interest and principal balance information on loan accounts by visiting our website at or you may access the  aAutomated aAccount iInformation system by calling toll-free at 1-877-865-8623.

Q. May I pay more than the monthly payment amount to reduce the amount of finance charges?

A. Not without specific authorization by Volvo Financial Services.  Any monies sent without   prior authorization will be applied as a credit towards the next payment.  Also, any approved pre-payment amounts will be subject to any charges as listed in your contract.

Q. How can I get a pay off on my account?

A. You may access your account at to obtain a payoff quote.  You may  also call our toll-free number, 1-877-865-8623, to access a payoff quote on your account.  Please note that we do not provide payoffs on lease accounts through our automated systems.
Volvo Financial Services is not obligated to accept any check marked "payment in full", and we reserve the right to reject such payment.  Even if we inadvertently process the check, the processing will not satisfy the obligation unless the check is sufficient to pay the total amount owed.