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Volvo Financial Services provides the insurance protection, security and peace of mind that customers need.  Work with insurance professionals who are knowledgeable about Volvo equipment, and can assist in selecting a coverage solution that meets your individual needs.

Benefits may include:

• Multiyear policies
• Competitive rates
• Convenient, one-stop shopping at your local Volvo dealer
• Coverage available for individuals and larger operations

Equipment and trucks insured at time of purchase under the Volvo Financial Services program also offers customers the use of genuine Volvo parts in the event of a loss. For a total loss, the machine or truck may be replaced with similar equipment.

Coverage available can include:

• Physical damage
• Liability
• Cargo
• GAP Waiver

For more information about the products and services available in your home market, please contact Volvo Financial Services or click on the Country sites drop down menu on the right hand side of this page.