Leasing is a good choice for customers who are interested in benefits such as:

  • Cash flow savings
  • Optimization of life cycle costs
  • Budget flexibility  
  • Potential to match lease term to contract duration, and maintenance curve
  • Variety of lease term and structures to meet unique business needs
At the end of a lease term, customers may also have the option to:

  • Turn in the equipment and work with their Volvo dealer to purchase new equipment and get back to work
  • Walk away from the equipment as lease-end, or purchase the equipment at a pre-determined price
Municipal leasing
Our municipal lease helps customers, such as local governments, make the most of operating budgets in the tax-exempt market by providing competitive rates and extended terms. Our expertise and straightforward approach help acquire the equipment needed in accordance with local regulations. 

For detailed information about the products and services available in your home market, please contact your local dealer or your local Volvo Financial Services office.

Alternatively, visit the Volvo Financial Services site in your country.  Use the drop down on the right  Volvo Financial Services  or click on the Country sites drop down menu on the right hand side of this page.

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