Ricardo Nanami

Ricardo Nanami has worked at Volvo since 1997 when he graduated from high school. He has then had many different positions within the organisation, each of them between two to three years. He has had the possibility to work for Volvo IT, Volvo Group Business Services and Volvo Financial Services. During this time, he has enjoyed his journey across the Volvo Group.

“The great thing with Volvo here in Curitiba is that there are so many different companies within the same organisation as Volvo do Brasil is a joint Volvo Group Company.”

He recently participated in something called a short- term assignment that the Volvo Group offers to employees. This is an opportunity to work abroad in another entity within the Volvo Group for three to six months and try something else, but still within your own area of expertise.

This is not only a possibility to learn a new part of the organisation, but also to increase the short-term assignment participant’s work experience, provide a chance to gain international experience,  enhance professional knowledge, increase market understanding, and have the possibility to network.

“I think my short term assignment really helped me to reach this position in my career; I would not have come this far without that assignment,” says Ricardo. “I talked to my manager during my development plan conversation that I would like to work abroad. He then proposed that I could do a short term assignment and work in another country for three to six months.  It was then arranged that I would move to the Volvo Financial Services location in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA, to support a department there for six months. I was very happy, as this was something that I had wanted to do for a long time. “

Since his short-term assignment concluded, Ricardo has gotten a new job and is working as the Centre of Expertise within the Human Resources area within Volvo Group Latin America. Having the opportunity to work in another location has been an invaluable experience for Ricardo – one that helped him to take the next step in this career. There are so many different organisations spread across the globe within the Volvo Group; therefore, there are a lot of opportunities available for gaining new experience.

Ricardo Nanami