A vital part of your business

Demand for financial services is increasing steadily among customers of the Volvo Group.

Today our customers operate in markets characterized by rapid change. Decisions on investments often have to be made quickly.

It's important to select a financial partner in whom you have confidence.

Your Volvo dealer, with the support of Volvo Financial Services, can provide you with a one-stop-shop solution. It will enable you to obtain the
vehicles/machines you need with a tailored funding solution that can strengthen your business and financial stability.

Volvo Financial Services are:

  • A Volvo Group company.
  • A dedicated team of qualified, professional finance specialists with an unrivalled and intimate knowledge of all Volvo Products who understand your business.
  • A provider of high quality finance and insurance solutions, and committed to their customers through good and tough times.

For improved operating performance and total financial peace of mind talk to your Volvo dealer. Together with Volvo Financial Services they’ll work with you to find solutions that make a real difference to your business.